SIAB ‘Blog in a Bag’ No.29: Help us reach 100,000 SchoolBags by the end of 2018!

School in a Bag have set an ambitious target for 2018.  Here is our Founder and CEO, Luke Simon, to explain more about it, and how you might be able to help us:

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I would like to take you on a little trip down memory lane….cast your minds back to October 30th 2015, when the team at School in a Bag hosted a Thai Dinner at Home Farm to celebrate the fact that in our 10th year as a charity, we had reached the milestone of having raised our first £1,000,000! At the time, we had delivered 55,000 SchoolBags to children in 27 different countries.

As we basked in pride and with huge amounts of gratitude for the amazing loyal fundraisers, volunteers and supporters, we set ourselves the ambitious target of hitting two new milestones by the end of 2018:

1: To reach our second million

2: To reach 100,000 SchoolBags

Well, I am pleased to say that we are on course…but the 100,000 SchoolBags by the end of 2018 has now become the core focus of this year and with Spring around the corner (it is -2 degrees outside and snow is forecast tomorrow here in Somerset), it is now time for us to shout about it so that hopefully, collectively, you can all help us strive to reach our target.

So where are we with out current SchoolBag and Country total right now? Drum roll please….

83,361 SchoolBags to children in 39 Countries….dun, dun, daaaahhh.

I know what you are all thinking….in 28 months they have funded 28,361 SchoolBags and in the remaining 10 months of 2018 they still have to fund a further 16,639 SchoolBags to reach their target. That is rather ambitious!

Well, it is…but, our SchoolBag total is only ever shown as the number of SchoolBags that have actually been distributed to children, not the number that have been funded and I am very happy to say that we have an impressive 3,809 SchoolBags currently in country waiting for distribution within the next few months. Take these off the amount we need to fund and the total becomes 12,830. Much more manageable, right?

Well yes…but there is no doubt that we need to have a big year…our biggest yet in order for us to arrive at that magic six figure number by the year end! But we are confident that through our wonderful supporters we will be able to get there. That being said, there are two things that would undoubtedly stand us in good stead and we are striving to try and bring these to fruition…

 1: Support from the Corporate/Commercial Sector.

We do currently have some excellent corporate support but we know that there are some amazing amounts of money to be raised by businesses fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and School in a Bag is such a bright and visual way for companies to get involved. Not only do they have the chance to pack the SchoolBags they have funded but because each SchoolBag is numbered, companies also have the opportunity to see exactly where their SchoolBags have been sent and who received them. To see exactly how a corporate partnership with School in a Bag can work please click here. If your company would like to support School in a Bag to help us reach the 100,000 please email:

 2: A Celebrity Patron

This is something we have been discussing for years and in fits and starts, we have tried to make contact with celebrities via different methods – hand written letters, direct tweets, emails to agents etc but sadly to NO avail. As a team, we are in constant discussion about who would be a great ‘fit’ for School in a Bag but ultimately, we are all in agreement that the key component about having a celebrity patron would be that they endorse what we do and promote us amongst their circles and media outlets to help raise our profile. So, if any of you happen to be Chris Martin’s music teacher, Ben Fogle’s Scout leader or Minnie Driver’s driver (we’ve heard she may now be available!) we would love to hear from you…after you have sold School in a Bag to them of course!

Thank you in anticipation – here’s to the next 10 months and surpassing the 100,000 SchoolBag milestone…and in the process, if we can reach this, we’ll also crack the £2,000,000 barrier.

Luke Simon

Founder & CEO, School in a Bag