SIAB ‘Blog in a Bag’ No. 17: Couple celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary turn it red instead! 

Golden couple Robin and Jane Mason recently celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and instead of asking for presents, asked for donations to School in a Bag…

We received a lovely email back in April from Robin, who had met our Founder & CEO Luke at the Rotary 1040 Conference in Scarborough last year, as they’d been ‘very taken with the School in a Bag project’. He wanted to let us know that they were celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary in July and that ‘we have asked for no presents but if they wish, to make donations for your project’.


The Mason’s SIAB display


Jane and Robin Mason

What then happened completely shocked them! Robin and Jane had a lovely day celebrating their Anniversary with their nearest and dearest and at the end of the day counted the donations they’d had and had a staggering £705 – that’s 47 Schoolbags!! They were completely shocked and phoned us with the great news and as they were coming on holiday down to the West Country, could they come to see us at out SIAB HQ near Yeovil and not only give us the cheque, but pack a couple of SchoolBags too. Of course we said yes and they came for their visit on the 11th July so we got to show them around our base and they presented us with the cheque.


Jane and Robin presenting their cheque to Luke


The couple said:”For our Golden Wedding we decided there were only so many Golden Roses we could cope with, so decided to ask for donations to School in a Bag.  We were absolutely amazed by the response and so thankful to all who donated to this great cause.”

We’d like to thank Robin and Jane enormously for their kindness in thinking of us, but also to wish them many congratulations on their Golden Wedding anniversary and to many more years together :)

This year we’ve had a number of people approaching us in the same way as the Mason’s have – wanting to use an occasion to raise money for us. We’ve had a 30th birthday, a 9th birthday and a 3rd birthday – all where the recipients opted for donations to School in a Bag rather than having presents, plus an 8 year old who after hearing from her Granny all about School in a Bag, took it upon herself to do her own fundraiser of “how many Skittles are in the jar’. She was allowed to take the jar into school over two days to carry on fundraising, as well as standing up in assembly with two friends to tell all her peers about SIAB – raising enough for 5 SchoolBags and coming to visit us during the Easter holidays to pack them.


We are so grateful to everyone who takes the time and effort in whatever shape or form that may be, to fundraise for us. We love hearing the stories of what’s been the inspiration and motivation and the events that have unfolded to bring the donations in! We’ve also had a bumper year of young fundraisers and to get little ones having the understanding that even a little bit of money can go an awful long way to helping a children their own age in another country to receive equipment that we take for granted, is quite something.

If you would like to do a fundraiser for us, whatever age you may be, we’d love to hear from you! Also, if you need any marketing materials, fundraising tips or want us to promote what you’re doing through our social media pages, then please get in touch: