Luke SimonFounder & CEO
Luke founded the charity, the Piers Simon Appeal, in 2005, shortly after his brother Piers sadly lost his life in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Luke has a wide skill set which has meant taking the charity from strength to strength – his humour and love of dressing-up have certainly helped make some fundraisers very successful! His drive and passion for the charity are second to none and there aren’t many dull moments in the office when Luke’s around! He has big plans for growing School in a Bag over the next few years and making it a more recognised charity nationally and loves that although it all began under very sad circumstances and there will never be anyone quite like his big brother P, there is a lot of good being done in his memory for thousands of children around the world.
Zoë FoxEvents & Marketing Manager
Zoë joined the team in August 2014 as an employee, but has been on-board with the charity since the beginning having know the Simon family for many years, and because of that, helped in the aftermath of the tsunami in Thailand for three months. Zoë’s main role in planning events, especially SIAB’s biggest annual fundraiser, Home Farm Fest, which is now a year-long planning process, as well as doing the social media, PR and marketing for the charity. Having come from a background in charity work, Zoë knows a thing or two about rattling buckets to collect much-needed money, but also how running fun events and spreading the SIAB word far and wide is the only way to get in the big support needed to help fund much-needed SchoolBags!
Charlotte PikeAdministrator
Charlotte joined the team in 2013 and has helped grow the database from strength to strength – as having every SchoolBag individually numbered is no easy task to make sure every donor matches the SchoolBag they’ve funded and that the right number ends up in the country it says has! Although she loves her job, you can often hear ‘the database sigh’ in the office after a long day of inputting all the information! Charlotte also looks after the charity’s finances, making sure we can fund as many projects as possible, and does the all-important ‘thank yous’ to everyone who has donated money to SIAB. Charlotte keeps her head cool with figures, and makes a mean cup of tea just when you need it!
Lis FoySchool's Liaison Officer
Lis has been with SIAB since September 2015 and is in the perfect role after being a teacher herself for 35 years! Lis goes all around the country to schools, and groups, who are supporting SIAB to present about the charity, and often to lead SchoolBag packs too where the donors actually get to pack their own SchoolBags. From helping lead on the fundraising at one of the first schools to support SIAB, Lis knows herself how much children get from fundraising for the charity. They get to see first-hand where the money they have raised goes and that’s a key part of their learning and understanding for what fundraising is all about. Lis also makes sure the SchoolBag stock is kept up-to-date and does an amazing job at keeping the warehouse in tip-top shape!


Sarah Holley
Sarah has been with us since 2015 and is a fab asset to the School in a Bag team bringing her smile and enthusiasm to the office on a fortnightly basis! Sarah can turn her hand to anything from helping with the database to setting-up events to being a mean money counter thanks to her background in banking. Sarah is also a part of the amazing Rotary team who do all the car parking and traffic management at Home Farm Fest!
Gary Hinett
After retiring and finding he had too much time on his hands, Gary joined the School in a Bag team in 2017. He’s Lis’s right hand man – an expert at boxing up the packed SchoolBags ready to be shipped, and his experience in warehouse management means he’s deputy organiser of stock.


Durgan Cooper
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Stuart Grimster
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David Hutchinson
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Keith Brownhill
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Fee Bellamy
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Kit O'Brien
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