Give a Mother's Day Gift that has the Power to Change Lives

💐Sunday 14th March is Mother’s Day 💐
Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate, and reflect, on these wonderful people who guide and nurture us through life. Giving cards and presents is a token of our appreciation; a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates. How about this year, give a gift that will inspire, instead..
Give your Mum a unique, trackable SchoolBag funded in her name (which you can add a personal note to as well). This will not only will it make her smile, it’ll make a child somewhere in the world smile too, when they’re given the tools they need to be able to get an education ❤️🎒
Click here to fund a SchoolBag for your mum! You can add a note when going through the purchasing process that we then write in the gift card.  We can even send it directly to her – this makes it super easy if you don’t live near your mum. If you’d prefer, have the card sent to you so you can add all the personal touches, this is fine too, just make sure you put your address in the order 🙂
Thank you for supporting our work. Without funding from people like you, we cannot distribute our SchoolBags. Globally there are 252 million children who are deprived of an education, and we aim to help as many of these children as we can – we feel that no child should be without the chance to learn.
Education matters.
Mother's Day 2021