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SIAB ‘Blog in a Bag’ No. 58: Can you become a Repeat Giving Hero?

Hello and welcome to an unprecedented second ‘Blog in a Bag’ (BIAB) this month. 

BIAB 57 released this time last week broke the very sad news that after much deliberation, Home Farm Fest would not be happening again this year thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Whilst we know it is bitterly disappointing and we will miss welcoming you all to Home Farm over the second weekend in June, we do feel it is the correct and sensible decision for us.

Our sadness has been lessened by the wonderful feedback and comments that we have received – you have certainly warmed our hearts over the last week and we feel inspired to put on the best Home Farm Fest possible in 2022 🙂

Our charity events:

Home Farm Fest is not only the biggest event that we run for our charity, it is also vitally important. The money that we generate from it is put towards funding us as an organisation. As a charity, we have become adept at the ‘beg and borrow’ mantra in order to help us function at the lowest expenditure but actually, running a charity is no different from running a business – it’s just that our income is not channelled in to profits but rather supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.

We still have the same running costs and Home Farm Fest is fundamental towards keeping us ticking. It contributes towards: financing our rental charges and numerous insurance policies, keeping our vehicles on the road, covering the costs of necessary group memberships, subscriptions and monthly tech platform payments, not to mention paying staff wages, HMRC tax payments and pensions. And that is before we have funded any projects or purchased any SchoolBag stock.

The charity:

In the past two years, we have transformed our organisation. We’ve put in place the governance, board, policies and reserves to strengthen our foundation and solidify our practices. Thank goodness that COVID didn’t strike before then as it may well have been a different story! We are keeping our heads above the water at the moment, but only just. The truth is this…the forced fallow years of Home Farm Fest along with the cancellation of our other signature ‘In-house’ events has left us with a huge deficit hole in funding…a hole the size of £190,000!  It’s a hole we need to try and fill and that is where we need your help (again!).

Other options…

The majority of the big charities raise their vast sums of money through supporters donating on a monthly basis. They have tens of thousands of donors, whose small contributions each month add up to a significant regular income that is guaranteed. Guaranteed revenue each month allows stability. It also enables organisations to plan and commit to fulfilling their remit with sustained certainty – add the one time, one-off donations on top of this and suddenly you have a model that enables the broadening and expansion of projects and programmes.

One of our favourite charities is US-based – charity:water. It has an incredible giving programme called ‘The Spring’ which, during the last 10 years has acquired over 35,000 monthly givers. The average donation is $33.00….THIRTY THREE DOLLARS!  Imagine $1,155,000 (£834,525) coming in to our bank account every month. We could fund 41,726…FORTY ONE THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX SchoolBags each month!


School in a Bag currently have 23…TWENTY THREE monthly givers…and guess what…? We are on the hunt for more!

Repeat Giving Heroes!

So, could you join our current band of Repeat Giving Heroes – the ‘elite 23’ and contribute on a monthly basis to help? If so, it really doesn’t have to be the equivalent of $33.00 per month (although that would be lovely, wouldn’t it?). Small donations are so welcomed as they really do start to add up. We tend to think of it in terms of ‘what could you sacrifice each month? A cup of coffee? A bottle of wine? A magazine subscription or a treatment?

In the year of our Fifty4Fifty campaign, our target is to try and get a further 50 Repeat Giving Heroes signed up to support us on a monthly basis. Whilst we would be so grateful if you agreed that your contribution could go in to the pot to help start plugging that Home Farm Fest deficit hole, it can of course go towards funding SchoolBags. Either way, you will be helping us carry on our life-changing work of transforming lives through education.

Lastly, as a nation we have all just experienced the challenge of home schooling and being ‘teacher’. Imagine this experience without any learning resources whatsoever: no internet, no technological devices and no paper, pens or pencils. This is the scenario faced by so many of the children and teachers we support around the world through School in a Bag, and that is why our desire to accrue more Repeat Giving Heroes is so desperately needed.

The children at a nursery school in The Gambia shared chalk and little blackboards prior to receiving our SchoolBags.  The SchoolBag contents transformed the way the children could learn and teachers could teach.

You can sign-up here…now…!

To sign-up to become a Repeat Giving Hero, please click here. To let us know how you would like your contribution utilised; for either operational costs or SchoolBags, please email us at: [email protected]. All new Repeat Giving Heroes will be sent a School in a Bag pin badge so that you can proudly show off your support of our work.

And finally, finally, if you do sign-up to support us on a monthly basis and you use social media, don’t be shy of posting about the Hero you have just become – you never know, it may just inspire someone else to follow your lead.

Thank you in anticipation.
Team School in a Bag – Transforming lives through education

School in a Bag is a charity born out of the Piers Simon Appeal, a charity set-up by Founder & CEO, Luke Simon, in memory of his older brother Piers, who lost his life in the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. To date, over 121,000 SchoolBags have been distributed to children in 47 countries around the world, giving them the necessary tools to be able to attend school and therefore have a lifeline out of poverty and hardship. Equally, if they have been affected by war or a natural disaster and had to flee their home, the SchoolBags provide the tools to be able to gain some stability and normality back in their lives by attending school. To see more of the work we do, please take a look at our website: