Project Description


The appeal video aired to the Leonardo community.


The loss of every school courtesy of the earthquake was significant, but Bhotenamlang was a sizeable secondary school with a big catchment of students. Therefore, the rebuild needed to accommodate this which meant it had a six-figure build cost.

Fortunately, we were working the AWASA group from Leonardo Helicopters at the time and they extended their support for an unprecedented second year to help us raise the funds.

Following a trip out to Nepal to help build the school and teach the students (who were being taught in their temporary learning centre – TLC), the AWASA group returned inspired to reach the target. In fact, they went one better and extended the amount to fund SchoolBags so that when the school opened, each one of the 625 students had a new SchoolBag to learn with.


The short film made by AWASA of their time in Nepal.