What is a UK-Packed SchoolBag?

A UK-Packed SchoolBag is packed in the UK with all the items we include: stationery, eating utensils and a hygiene kit. Your SchoolBag is then stored at our HQ ready for shipping. When we have a complete consignment ready, it will travel to one of our beneficiary partners for distribution.

You will receive your THANK YOU card and photograph of your SchoolBag with the character who packed it for you. The card will contain your SchoolBag number and details about how you can track your SchoolBag through the website.

Funding these SchoolBags is essential to our work. We need to fund and distribute both UK-Packed and In-Country SchoolBags as each offers us a different way to be able to supply children with these much-needed essentials. A SchoolBag gives children the tools they need to be able to get an education, and to transform their lives.

Please note, funding a UK-packed SchoolBag can mean it takes several months to reach its beneficiary. This is due to logistics, funding and currently, COVID-19. Please be patient with us, and be safe in the knowledge that we are working as fast as we can to get these SchoolBags to the children.

GIFT AID (the government initiative that allows charities to claim a further 25% free of charge on all donations)

We are unable to claim Gift Aid on merchandise sales. Funding a SchoolBag is classed as an individual donation and therefore Gift Aid is eligible. If you are a UK tax payer, please consider filling in our Gift Aid form here.  (Be assured that the data gained is ONLY for Gift Aid purposes, for us to prove the claim).