Trashy Smart Bag


A re-usable grocery bag made from 73 used plastic drinking water sachets collected in Accra, Ghana


  • A re-usable bag that will start conversations at the supermarket check-out! Just fold it in half and zip it into its base for easy storage. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – made from 73 used plastic drinking water sachets collected in Accra, Ghana.
  • This bag is HAND-MADE by Trashy Bags in Accra, Ghana by a team of women and men that are dedicated to fighting the plastic scourge in West Africa.
  • It will take over 18Kg of groceries – much more than you can comfortably carry. Extremely durable and will last for years.
  • Two of these bags will sit easily in a supermarket trolley. The flat bottom ensure that when you get home the bag will not fall over when you put it down and open your front door!
  • With these bags being made from water sachets – they’re VERY waterproof!

We have partnered with Trashy Bags since 2017, distributing over 2,500 specially-made SchoolBags from water sachets just like this shopper, but in the style of our rucksacks! This is the only project we work on where our SchoolBags aren’t red in colour, synonymous to School in a Bag. It’s an amazing social enterprise project, leading the way in sustainable development in Africa in the area of plastic recycling with their recycled eco-friendly products. 


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