Put Your Heart into Education This Valentine’s Day!

What better gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, than a unique, numbered, trackable SchoolBag in their name. By doing so, you’ll give a child somewhere in the world the tools they need for an education, too!

Simply click the link below, write a short, personal message you’d like to leave for the person who’ll receive the gift, and once we have the email address to send it to, they’ll receive an eGift Card (with your message in) letting them know about their special present. They then track their unique SchoolBag number via the ‘Track my Bag’ section you can see pop up on this website 🙂

Gift your SchoolBag to a loved one, here!

What a SchoolBag means to a child

A SchoolBag is filled with stationery, eating utensils and most recently a hygiene kit. The stationery gives the more obvious tools to be able to do school work, and for many it’s the first time they’ve had a pencil to write with and paper to write on. Some children have nothing at all and have to memorise numbers and words – imagine just how difficult that would be. Alongside books for writing, drawing and maths, they also receive colouring pencils, biros, a ruler, a maths set with a compass, big rubber and pencil sharpener.

The water bottle means they can actually carry water with them (some children walk many miles to school, often in intense heat) and also a lunchbox to either take food to school, or to be able to have lunch at school (the first SchoolBags went to Swaziland, now known as Eswatini, where if the children didn’t have a plate or bowl, they were turned away from the lunch queue so would end up with no food – probably for the whole day as many were orphans). Our hygiene kits contain soap, a flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste and a face mask. It’s so important alongside education, children can keep themselves clean as well, and these simple items do just that.

All these contents, along with the all-important SchoolBag itself, comes to just £20 (and that includes getting it right to the child). If we can give a child the tools, they can then learn and grow – and who knows where it may take them. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

SIAB’s Valentine’s Competition!

Here’s what you’ve got to do…
1️⃣. Create your own poem in the ‘Roses are red’ format (please keep them clean, or we will have to delete them)
2️⃣. Post your poem in the comments on our Twitter, Facebook or Insta pages or email us: [email protected]
3️⃣. The competition starts now, and runs until midnight on the 11th February 2021
4️⃣. The winner will be able to gift a #SchoolBag in a loved one’s name, courtesy of us (worth £20)
5️⃣. Be fab if you can share this post!
6️⃣. It’s free to enter, and has no association with any social media platform
7️⃣. You can enter as many times as you like
8️⃣. Our decision of who the winner is, is final
9️⃣. There is no cash alternative for the prize
If you’re not a poet, you can always Gift a SchoolBag in your loved one’s name right here
Valentines Day 2021