Many children go to school without any learning materials, and have to struggle to remember what they’re being taught in their lessons.

A SchoolBag is a Toolkit containing everything a young person needs to maximise learning.


Unstable conditions, including natural disasters, child marriage, and child labour means that attending school fall off the list of priorities.

Receiving a SchoolBag provides young people a reason to attend school.


If a choice has to be made between sending a boy or a girl to school the boy will usually be given the preference.

We provide SchoolBags to all children, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity and social class. Learning is then made equally accessible where it once wasn’t.


Without utensils to eat with, some children don’t receive their school meal and in some cases this is their only meal of the day.

After receiving a lunchbox, children were no longer bunking off school. Fuelled learning is effective and focused learning.


Children in The Gambia open their SchoolBags for the first time following the distribution.


By every student having the same brand new contents and utensils, the SchoolBags unify the class making the role of educating the students much easier for the teachers.



School in a Bag is a simple solution – each SchoolBag is filled with essential resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves, eat, drink and above all, learn.

A typical SchoolBag contains: 12 pencils, 10 biro pens, 12 colouring pencils, a math set, a ruler, a pencil case, 6 exercise books (line/square/plain), a water bottle and a LunchBox containing a Spork.

Every SchoolBag is new and individually numbered to allow donors to track their progress on the website.

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The journey of SchoolBag number 111,123 as it makes its way overland from the School in a Bag HQ in the UK in to the hands of the beneficiary in northern Romania

Education helps people to shape their ‘social identity’, framing their understanding of themselves and their relationships with other people.

At School in a Bag, we believe that education is a key force in the sustainable, ethical and independent development of nations. The trickle down effect of educating the next generation will help to alleviate poverty and impact thousands of lives internationally in the future.

Education is a basic human right, and it is our duty to protect it.