“In 2013, 7 children gained enough marks to progress to secondary School – in 2014, 30 had done so. In 2013, the highest mark was 284. In 2014 it was 374. Eleven children achieved more than 300.

“You have been central in achieving this fantastic level of progress, the children who have just left school were in Standard 7 when you gave them the SchoolBags. Fifteen months with the benefit of the bags have made a profound difference. Last October I conducted an Impact Assessment Exercise with forty standard 8 children and 8 teachers; SchoolBags ranked second in importance out of 10 different interventions. The highest rated were 5 extra teachers, five dedicated youngsters whose contribution to the school has been phenomenal”

Jacqueline Lindgren, Chair of Trustees – ETATU (Talking about the impact in small region Msambweni, Kenya

Kenya Infographic