“My name is M.Shiva and I am studying 5th Standard at Pragathi Public School. My father is working as a bathroom cleaner in public toilets. I don’t have a school bag with materials to go to school and to study, so I am very depressed and alone. So, I used to help my father cleaning b bathrooms and we both used to cry for the situation we are living. Without studies, I can’t help my father in the future and that means I won’t get a job as well. I always dreamed of becoming a doctor but I never thought that would happen because I don’t have the school materials.

One day my life changed and I started going to school with school kit provided by School in a Bag. I am thankful for them for making me and also my father happy. Now I can study well with my brand new SchoolBag, also become a doctor and look after my father. Thank you School in a Bag.”

M.Shiva – Pragathi Public School Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh INDIA

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