India School in a Bag

Meet Jeniffer, who is 8 years old. A year and a  half ago, at Christmas 2016, she received a School in a Bag as part of Paalam International School’s Christmas celebrations. With the donation of bags from School in a Bag, Jeniffer and her friends were given a life-changing gift; a school bag, full of school supplies, love, and hope for their futures. Daily they have the reminder that someone across the ocean cares for them and believes their future is bright.

Jeniffer lives in a derelict house, in Irupalai, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The land on which she lives Is dangerous with snakes and scorpions, as well as having limited access to toilet facilities and safe drinking water. In the whole shanty area, there are two toilets, meaning many children and adults defecate on the neighbouring farmer’s field. Jeniffer’s father works as a tuk-tuk driver earning a small wage and her mother is a housewife.

Jeniffer says: “Thank you for the cool give of the SchoolBag. Now me and my friends all have the same bags and we match, no-one is left out! Red is my FAVOURITE colour and the bag can fit everything I need for school in it. When it rains I come to school because my books don’t get wet.”

“When we got the SchoolBag I was so happy because inside there were so many cool items. I  got pencils, pens, erasers, everything we need to have at school! My favourite thing inside was the food box, which has cartoon characters on the top – I like to make up stories about the characters. Every day we have breakfast at school and I smile because of this gift.”