Sorina Oblezniuc

“The SIAB campaign was most welcomed – all students have been delighted and motivated to maintain their school attendance – a huge problem in our area.

The fact that all students have received the same thing, have been treated equally regardless of age and status encouraged the social inclusion and increased their interest for school. The major winner for us was that we observed an increased percentage in school attendance.

The majority of children have also been impressed by the toys received – the general consensus being that it made their childhood happier.

Thank you.” Sorina Oblezniuc – Teacher Year 6

Silvia Popa

“As a teacher of the Stulpicani School, I would firstly like to thank you for running the campaign in our area, Within the school group I am running – children are often missing school due to poverty and lack of school supplies.

The majority of our children come from poor families with many children. The fact that within the SchoolBag they have received everything necessary to increase their participation in class was of great help and joy.

I have received very good feedback from the parents – being thankful for the help received. The impact of the project was extremely positive for both children, parents and the society as a whole.

Thank you and we look forward to other campaigns.” Silvia Popa – Teacher Year 2

Florea Florescu

“The School in a Bag campaign has produced positive effects within our community. For a high number of children from our community – the SIAB SchoolBag was the first fully equipped tool they have ever received.

Thus, the educational process has been encouraged. I have noticed an increase in their interest for school as a result.

Both us, the teachers and the parents highly appreciate the quality of the products received.” Florea Florescu – Teacher Year 1