SchoolBag Distribution Before

DONORS: Old Mill Financial Planners and Advisors


The SchoolBags 16105 and 16106 were part of a consignment funded and packed by employees at Old Mill Financial Planners and Accountants. Old Mill made School in a Bag their charity of the year for two consecutive years and following a number of events run throughout their five offices, came together to pack over one hundred SchoolBags at the end of their campaign. The SchoolBags were shipped to The Gambia and a presentation was put together that Old Mill relayed back to all of their employees.

SchoolBag Distribution After

BENEFICIARIES: School children in The Gambia


To all our donors, we provide absolute transparency as to where their money has been used. Every SchoolBag we send is uniquely numbered which means that our donors can see exactly where their money has gone. In most cases, our donor will receive information and a picture of that child who they have helped.


Here at School in a Bag, we work hard to not only raise money to fund SchoolBags, but also to fund ourselves! The team run a number of events throughout the year where the profits are put in to the expenses pot to assist in the overheads of running the charity. All Gift Aid that we reclaim tops up the pot so that donors money is used to fund SchoolBags.


We know how important it is to allow nations to develop independently. We don’t provide the education of teaching – it is important that these jobs are employed locally. We simply provide the tools to support teachers and help young people get the most out of the opportunities they are given.


Students at school in Nepal say thank you (dhan’yavad) for their SchoolBags.

We are often able to send these clips to our brilliant supporters thanks to the fact that each SchoolBag is individually numbered and therefore creditable to the donors.